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St.John Paul Academy CBSE School follows the curriculam laid down by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. The course of study is international scope and ambit. It includes subjects like English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Arts, Crafts, Physical Education, Yoga and several languages such as French, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Urdu.

“St.John Paul Academy CBSE School follows the curriculam laid down by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.”

Students at the senior secondary level are offered a variety of subjects to choose from, giving the students the widest possible oppurtunity to specialize in thier chosen areas of interest. Academic excellence remains a key area of focus for the school. The school provides all its students unrivalled oppurtunities to realize their full academic potential.

Teachers are choosen not only for their own intellectual skills but also for their ability and enthusiasm in communinicating boys and girls for all ages. The Teachers are well supported by several technicians and other ancillary and administrative staff. Teachers are encouraged to be flexiable and individual in their approach.

The commitment of the school of excellence in academics is reflected in the outstanding performance of the students in the annual examinations conducted by the CBSE. The school students have consistently achieved 100% results in the Board Exams conducted by the CBSE.

The school is recognised as Centre for Adacemic Excellence and large number of students regularly clear competitive Exams and enter reputed Universities in India and Abroad. The school academic year is from April to March, and Is divided into two terms, as per pettern prevalent in all English medium public schools in the country. Examinations may not be the true test of child's ability, but regular classroom tests and periodic assement at the school level are indicative of scholastic achievement. The results enable the teachers as well as students to reasess their orientations and take correct measures, If required, to accord due attention to subjects and topics in which the child may need additional assitance.

Apart from the unit test, results of which are intimated to parents, terminal examinations are organized twice each year. The Half-yearly examinations take place in September / October while the final examination are conducted in March every year.

Session Starts Ist Week of April
Summer Vocation May
Term 1 Classes Upto September
Term 2 Classes Upto December
End Session March 31

Student Life

Student Life at St.John Paul Academy CBSE School goes beyond the realms of the classroom. John Paul strongly supports and affords multifarious opportunities for student learning beyond academics. We encourage student invlovement in all spheres of life so as to build leadership qualities, inculcating a passion for sports and fitness, developing a true spirit for community service, and enhancing their creative expression so as to help them reach their highest potential as productive and progressive human beings.

Ist Century Integrated Curriculam

As the world around is changing rapidly, there is a great need for us to change the way we teach. Modern Infrastucture and Newer Technologies, along with the ever-evolving demands of the world around us, are shifting the focus from only reading and writting to the development of skills. To prepare our children for life, along with providing knowledge, we have to provide them opportunities to develop skills such as communication, decision making, value, independent thinking, team work, leadership, creativity, research and problem solving. But how do we achieve all of this, If the world around us is dynamic and always in flux? will the standardised curriculums, with little or no flexibility, suit the diversified needs of the learners.

The Integrated Curriculum follwed at St.John Paul Academy CBSE School is a well-structured, accountable and appropriate curriculum that incorparates the best pedagogic practices keeping in mind learning multiple intelligences and styles. This curriculum is based on the belief that the "Child is the Curriculam " and has been designed after much research and development. It is built not on the idea of separate subjects, but on the much more fertile idea of discipline, which makes possible a fluid and dynamic curriculam that is interdisciplinary. It is helping us to create a positive learning environment and the result is happy, empowered, well-adjusted and competent learners who passes the skills to move and make their own world.

Ours is a thematic, integrated and developmentally appropriate learning programme that provides experiental learning and ensures the learners holistic development through a multi-sensory approch, transporting them to a higher level of thinking. we focus on the development of basic skills and higher level thinking, encourage lifelong learning, structure learning around themes, big ideas and meaningful concepts and provide connections amoung various curricular disciplines, along with providing learners opportunities to apply skills they have learned. Our curriculum encourages active participation in relavant real-life experiences. The books and activities captivate, motivate, challenge and scaffold learners along with providing a deeper understanding of content.

We never forget that there are other equally important factors in the successful education of our young learners - the educators and parents. If we are to achieve the goals set in the curriculam, we must ensure that the teaching learning process in the classrooms is efficient and strong. The educators are given not just an effective curriculam, but are also constantly empowered to imbibe and deliver the curriculum to the learners. Through various educators' training programmes and workshops, we arm them with transactional tools and procedural guidelines that help in discovering new and improved ways to deliver learning sessions to innocent minds. Parenting workshops are too conducted regularly by Nature, for the parents to orient them about the latest parenting techniques.

At St.John Paul Academy CBSE School, We believe that each child is a miracle. All we have to do is 'nurturing the creative and curious spirit of the children - stoke the flame and let the fire burn'.